The Zoning Board meets the second Tuesday of each  month at 
7:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

Hearings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Washington County Senior Services.

Zoning Board of Appeals members are Chairman Bruce Barkau, Kathy Cook,  Tom Heck,  Tom Schuette, Russel Shubert, Albert Moeller, and Scott Cragen.

Permits are required for any construction or demolition within village limits.  This includes residences, pools, sheds, patios, porches, fences, signs, etc.  When in doubt, contact village hall to obtain a permit.

The fee for permits is as follows:
(re-inspections are half the cost of the original fee)

Occupancy (inspection required)
House $100.00
Mobile home:  $100.00
Apt over 1000 sq ft $75.00
Apt under 1000 sq ft $50.00

Residential building permit 
up to 2500 sq ft:  $200
over 2500 sq ft:  $.08 sq ft

Accessory buildings and additions 
under 300 sq ft:  $50.00
over 300 sq ft:  $100.00

Decks and patios $50.00

Fences $25.00

in-ground  $50.00
above-ground:  $25.00

up to 16 sq ft $25.00
16-50 sq ft $50.00
over 50 sq ft  $100.00

Demolition:  $25.00

Commercial/Industrial application
up to 5000 sq ft  $250.00
over 5000 sq ft  $.10 sq ft

Electrical and plumbing permit fees vary.  
Please contact village hall for specific fee amounts.

A fee of 50% of the required fee (in a addition to the regular fee) will be charged for any work performed before securing a permit.
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